All modern lawn sprinkler systems include a controller unit. While your sprinkler system contractor has likely set the preferred program for your yard and garden, understanding your controller can be useful. For instance, you may need to turn the irrigation system off because you’re having landscaping work done or throwing an outdoor party. Or you may want to turn your irrigation system on to water new grass seed.

In this video, learn the basics of turning your sprinkler system controller on and off, setting the date and time, and specifying your lawn sprinkler program.

Watch the video: How to Program Your Lawn Sprinkler Controller

Smart Controllers Don’t Need to Be Managed!

No Worries Sprinkler Management ProgramAlthough traditional lawn sprinkler controllers work just fine and are dependable, they can be inconvenient to program and run. To save time and money, consider installing a smart controller, complete with our sprinkler management program. Through our ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler Management Program, you’ll never need to access or manage your irrigation controller again.

  • Predictive weather monitoring automatically adjusts your sprinkler system for local weather conditions, saving up to 50% on your water usage and water bill.
  • Leaks and electrical malfunctions are automatically detected and alert our technicians.
  • Our technicians can remotely turn off your sprinkler system, if the need arises.

Learn more about the ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler Management Program.