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Open Positions

Apprentice Lawn Sprinkler Technician – Cincinnati, OH


Irrigation Technician, 3 Years Experience Preferred – Cincinnati, OH


TriState Water Works Career Ladder

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At TriState Water Works, we are proud to support the career advancement of our Irrigation Technicians. Irrigation is a growing industry that helps lawns, gardens and farms thrive. See where your career with TriState Water Works can take you as you climb the Career Ladder.

Customer Service

Sales & Design

Trainer/Technical Advisor


Master Irrigation Tech

Apprentice Irrigation Tech

  • Where most new irrigation technicians begin – unless they have extensive irrigation experience
  • Works alongside a journeyman or master technician for the first 3-6 months to learn the fundamentals of irrigation and how to perform the basic services required on irrigation systems
  • After those first months, apprentices will have their own schedule and will start working independently, providing basic services and simple repairs, with support from experienced technicians to help with more difficult repairs
  • The goal is to transition to journeyman within one year
  • A technician at this level has some experience under their belt and can independently handle the vast majority of repairs and services that they encounter
  • They may still need occasional support from a master technician
  • Have a dedicated service vehicle to use
  • At this point, technicians can start training to get various irrigation certifications –  TriState Water Works is proud to help technicians through this process to further the careers of our technicians
  • Most technicians are journeymen for 3-4 years and then become master technicians.
  • Master technicians have significant experience and can problem solve the most complex system issues, even if they have never encountered that particular problem before
  • Help train and provide technical support to Apprentice and J