Never Think About Your Sprinkler System Again!

Save time and guarantee optimal performance from your sprinkler system. TriState Water Works brings smart management to irrigation with our ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler System Management.

TriState Water Works monitors your sprinkler system around-the-clock, using Hydrawise, a Wi-Fi-enabled smart controller system. We will know right away if anything goes wrong, for instance:

  • A wire is inadvertently cut during landscape maintenance
  • A sprinkler head gets broken
  • An underground valve springs a leak
  • There’s a drought in the area
  • We’re getting more rain than usual in the season
  • We’ll be able to fix the problems or make optimizations, before your lawn and garden can be affected!

Monitor & Alert Plan


  • Using local weather reports, we manage your sprinkler program for optimal water savings and plant health. Rain or shine, your lawn and garden will get the right amount of watering. And you’ll save up to 50% on your water usage!
  • If we detect a leak or other problem, we remotely shut off the system right away and notify you.
  • You receive priority scheduling for repair and maintenance appointments.
  • Upon request, we can remotely turn off your system for any reason. For instance, if you’re planning an outdoor event.
  • Monthly, we’ll send out a Water Conservation report detailing your savings and providing water-saving tips.

Sprinkler Management Program


There is a one-time set-up fee of $1200- $2400, depending on the number of sprinkler zones.  Includes:

  • Installation of all hardware required to run the system
  • Set-up of Hydrawise sprinkler system management software
  • Backflow device testing change-of-address process

Call today for your personalized price and to schedule your installation appointment.