Happy Clients – Testimonials

We thank our many customers for their continued loyalty. Here are what just a few of our customers have to say about TriState Water Works.

“Once again, I want to put a feather in your tech’s hat. He was very prompt, very courteous and knowledgeable. He is truly a credit to your company.” – Earl

“Your service tech Eric did a great job. He located the buried sprinklers which has been covered by construction next door. This required intensive digging and shoveling in the high heat. His persistence was key to fixing the problem. Well done.” – Mr. Grandison

“TriState Water Works put the Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller in during the summer, and I really like it. It’s all about saving time and making the sprinkler system easier to manage. If I’m out of town, I can turn the sprinklers on or off from the phone app. I also check my sprinkler heads every few weeks. With the old system, I’d have to run back and forth into the garage to pop each one up individually. Now, I can just use the app as I walk around out in the lawn. If we got rain overnight, the system adjusts the sprinkling schedule, so it saves water, too. There was a learning curve getting used to the app, but Sean was really good with answering questions and explaining things.” – Ken

“Being responsive and showing up on time are very important to me. TriState Water Works respects my time. Along with being reliable, their sprinkler system service is high-quality and goes beyond my expectations. I will definitely use them this spring.” – Angie

“I’m excited to have the Hydrawise Smart Controller—it’s a top-of-the-line system that’s easy to use and improves my property value. I think the average homeowner will enjoy having this controller and taking advantage of its features.” – Derek

“TriState Water Works has been critical for protecting my landscaping investment. Their sprinkler system advice and expertise has made all the difference.” – Bob

“TriState Water Works is a friendly company, and they are very prompt and timely.” – Lisa

“The Hydrawise Smart Controller is just wonderful. You can pull the app up on your iPad when you want to adjust anything—but you really don’t need to make adjustments. It keeps track of the weather and sprinkler system all by itself. The controller knows how much rain is in the area and adjusts the watering schedule. And it reports on how efficient the sprinkler system is being. TriState Water Works installed the Hydrawise back in the summer, and it was a smooth process. I planted some pines this fall, and I look forward to the sprinkler system helping me protect my landscape.” – Greg

“I can’t think of another service I use that is so easily trusted as TriState Water Works. Sean goes beyond the call of duty with both sprinkler systems and landscape lighting.” – James

“I really like that the Hydrawise Smart Controller helps me save water—it improves conservation and reduces my water bill. Being able to control the sprinkler system from my PC is convenient and was easy to learn. I set the program for the year and was done with it. Installation of the controller was also easy. My wife appreciated the friendliness of the TriState Water Works installers.” – Alan

“TriState Water Works is easy to work with and is always available when I call. Sean is an expert who cares about making my sprinkler system right for my landscaping.” – Kristen

“Sean and his crew have provided outstanding service over the past several years. This includes yearly sprinkler maintenance and special requests with my irrigation system. He also installed a new series of LED driveway and house lighting (and basketball pole lighting).” – Bill

“The lighting is great. I have received many very nice comments about the lighting. Thanks for doing such a perfect job.” – Judy

“Incredible job! The lights look great.” – David

“Thank you so much! Your service was excellent. I will make sure I will tell everyone about you.” – Thomas