Why We Love Working in Irrigation

Problem-Solving in the Great Outdoors

Today, we’re tackling a myth head-on. In the world of outdoor trades, irrigation gets a bad rap. I can’t tell you how often we’ve heard, “That’s just digging around in the mud.” If that’s all you’re doing, you’re doing it wrong! At TriState Water Works, we love working in irrigation. And we’re going to let our team of sprinkler system experts tell you why.

Working in Irrigation:
“A New Challenge Every Day”

We work maintaining and repairing lawn sprinkler systems. For our irrigation technicians, each day brings a new challenge to solve. The work is never boring, as Tim says:

“In irrigation, every day is a different challenge. From wiring to plumbing to backflows. And it’s really nice to see nature every day. You get to see different properties, walk around and stay active.”

Here are some of the more interesting features of irrigation work:

  • Getting to know different parts of the Greater Cincinnati Area as you visit new customer sites
  • Tracing down a plumbing problem to find and fix a leak
  • Investigating electrical issues and discovering how other companies were “creative” with their wiring
  • Using new tools and innovations for tricky situations

Eric adds:

“I love fixing issues no one else could do and problem-solving.”

Working in Irrigation:
“Customers Appreciate Us”

When we’re fixing irrigation systems, we’re helping customers keep their lawn and landscaping healthy. Also, we optimize systems to save water. There are a lot of technologies and advancements we can help customers learn about. As Tim points out:

“When you accomplish the challenge, it’s very rewarding.”

Our customers often mention TriState Water Works’ irrigation technicians by name in their reviews:

“Tim restarted our irrigation for the year, after the winter season. Tim has been our go-to-sprinkler-irrigation-guy for 2 1/2 years. We literally wouldn’t use anyone else!” – Shirley

“Fransciso (and his trainee) and Tyler were extremely helpful making this go seamlessly!!!” – Joseph

“Both the technicians, Chad and Tim, were very skilled and knew what they were doing.” – Greg

Why We Love Working in Irrigation

Working in Irrigation:
“We Love the Outdoors”

OK, yeah, there is a fair amount of digging in irrigation. But not as much as our detractors think. We’re smart, and we dig exactly where we need to (customers don’t want big holes in their lawns!). Plus, digging is a small part of working in the amazing outdoors. We caught up with Nick on a beautiful day, and he said:

“Gorgeous days are the best reason for working in irrigation. The breeze and the birds chirping– it’s great out here. And it’s a very stress-free environment, where you’re not closed in an office or cooking something in a hot restaurant. It’s very freeing, and it feels good.”

Some days it rains, and some days it’s hot. Some days, it’s cold! But we wouldn’t want to miss working outside on those gorgeous days.

Working in Irrigation:
“There’s Several Career Paths”

In irrigation, there’s plenty to learn and many ways to grow an apprentice job into a successful career. We’ve even drawn up a Career Ladder to show the path:

Climb the Career Ladder for Trade Jobs

Do you know someone who is just starting out in the workforce or is looking to make a career change? Share this post with them, and encourage them to consider a career in irrigation. Visit our Careers Portal to learn more and watch some on-the-job videos.