Careers in IrrigationResidential and Commercial Irrigation

TriState Water Works is a company that services, maintains and manages residential and commercial irrigation systems. Properties included in this category are individual lawns and gardens, golf courses, parks, cemeteries, office parks, areas managed by home owners associations and any non-agricultural lawn or garden requiring irrigation.

Careers Available in Residential and Commercial Irrigation

There are two main divisions in residential and commercial irrigation careers: Home Office and Field. In the office, employees handle client relations, scheduling, management and more. But out in the field is where the real fun happens. Employees get to enjoy the outdoors, get their hands dirty, solve problems and meet clients. These job titles include:

  • Irrigation Apprentice
  • Irrigation Technician
  • Senior Irrigation Technician
  • Job Site Foreman
  • Irrigation Contractor

Careers in IrrigationIrrigation Installation

Companies that install sprinkler systems have more moving parts than management companies. Large jobs require more sales efforts, bidding, materials purchasing and scheduling. Often, irrigation installation is part of a larger landscaping project. Companies range in size from one location to a region-wide network with multiple branches.

Careers Available in Irrigation Installation

There are several non-technician roles available in installation that require a mixture of office and field work. The design of the irrigation system must to meet the needs of the planned landscape. Field work is generally planned out and requires less creativity to install. Some job titles in irrigation installation include:

  • Bidder/Estimator
  • Branch Manager
  • Equipment Operator
  • Irrigation Consultant
  • Irrigation Designer
  • Irrigation Technician
  • Irrigation Installer
  • Job Site Foreman
  • Project Manager/Supervisor
  • Purchaser
  • Regional Manager

Agricultural Irrigation

Irrigation of agriculture is the largest segment of irrigation in the United States. The industry includes crops, farms, greenhouses, nurseries and more. The focus here is on conserving water, protecting investments and increasing yields.

Careers Available in Agricultural Irrigation

The Irrigation Association provides a helpful organizational chart showing career paths in agriculture.

Careers Available in Agricultural Irrigation

Careers in IrrigationIrrigation Manufacturing and Engineering

Away from the field are further opportunities in engineering and manufacturing irrigation products. Innovations in the industry are important for water conservation, performance, appearance and cost. Manufacturers include Hunter Industries, Reinke Manufacturing Company Inc., Rain Bird, Lindsay Corporation, Netafim, Irritec and more.

Careers Available in Irrigation Manufacturing and Engineering

Jobs at large manufacturers differ significantly from other irrigation opportunities. These are some job titles you will find in this segment:

  • Sales Manager
  • Sales Representative
  • Product Engineer
  • Product Manager
  • Product/Technical Support

Is a Career in Irrigation Right for You?

All technical irrigation skills can be taught to someone who is reliable and willing to learn. But there are three personality traits that predict if you’ll be successful in irrigation:

  1. You like working outdoors
  2. You have problem-solving smarts
  3. You have good people skills and enjoy talking to clients

To learn more about careers in irrigation, feel free to call our president, Sean Mullarkey at (513) 964-1250.