Hiring an irrigation specialist for your commercial property is even more important than for residential properties. Homeowners spend time on their property outdoors and are motivated to quickly solve any problems that occur with the lawn sprinkler system. On a commercial property, smaller problems can go unnoticed until they cause significant damage.

TriState Water Works offers a monthly inspection to protect your landscaping and paving. In addition, we complete Spring Start-Up and Winterization promptly at the beginning and ending of the season.

Our commercial irrigation management clients include properties in these industries:

  • Office parks
  • Corporate centers
  • Distribution centers
  • Homeowners Associations

Preserve Your Outside Reputation with Green Grass and Healthy Plants

Healthy, well-tended landscaping helps your reputation in your community. But a dysfunctional irrigation system can kill plants with too little or too much water. Broken sprinkler heads, or broken pipes waste water and don’t perform for your landscaping. Here’s our president Sean Mullarkey at a client property in Cincinnati. With commercial irrigation management, your property will feature green grass and healthy plants.

Commercial Irrigation Management from TriState Water Works

Watch Out for Possible Major Damage from a Leaking Irrigation System

If water from a broken sprinkler head or pipe gets under the pavement, it can destroy parking lots and drives. Over time, the leaking water erodes the soil supporting the pavement and can cause massive damage. Here are two dramatic examples of what water erosion can do to roadways.

Commercial Irrigation Management from TriState Water Works

Commercial Irrigation Management from TriState Water Works

The above examples were caused by extreme weather events like flash flooding, but given enough time, leaking water would cause essentially the same result.

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