What Are Customers Saying about the New Hydrawise Smart Controller?We installed Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Control Systems for several customers last season. This smart controller is a key element of our ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler Management Program. We caught up with four customers to hear about their experiences and see what they’re saying.

Smart Weather Monitoring Keeps Your Sprinkler System Efficient and Effective

Greg Luncan appreciates that the sprinkler controller keeps track of the weather, and that he can manage his sprinkler system from his iPad:

What Are Customers Saying about the New Hydrawise Smart Controller?“The Hydrawise Smart Controller is just wonderful. You can pull the app up on your iPad when you want to adjust anything—but you really don’t need to make adjustments. It keeps track of the weather and sprinkler system all by itself. The controller knows how much rain is in the area and adjusts the watering schedule. And it reports on how efficient the sprinkler system is being. TriState Water Works installed the Hydrawise back in the summer, and it was a smooth process. I planted some pines this fall, and I look forward to the sprinkler system helping me protect my landscape.”

Hydrawise Smart Controller Saves Water and Money

Saving water without wasting time tops Alan Buckey’s list:

“I really like that the Hydrawise Smart Controller helps me save water—it improves conservation and reduces my water bill. Being able to control the sprinkler system from my PC is convenient and was easy to learn. I set the program for the year and was done with it. Installation of the controller was also easy. My wife appreciated the friendliness of the TriState Water Works installers.”

This Irrigation Smart Controller is Top-of-the-Line

Derek Loflin views the Hydrawise Irrigation Controller as improving his property value:

“I’m excited to have the Hydrawise Smart Controller—it’s a top-of-the-line system that’s easy to use and improves my property value. I think the average homeowner will enjoy having this controller and taking advantage of its features.”

Learn to Use the Irrigation App and Save Time

What Are Customers Saying about the New Hydrawise Smart Controller?Finally, Ken Rusche mentions that the controller wasn’t the easiest to learn, but that the results were worth it when he could use his smartphone to make checking his sprinkler heads faster:

“TriState Water Works put the Hydrawise Wi-Fi Controller in during the summer, and I really like it. It’s all about saving time and making the sprinkler system easier to manage. If I’m out of town, I can turn the sprinklers on or off from the phone app. I also check my sprinkler heads every few weeks. With the old system, I’d have to run back and forth into the garage to pop each one up individually. Now, I can just use the app as I walk around out in the lawn. If we got rain overnight, the system adjusts the sprinkling schedule, so it saves water, too. There was a learning curve getting used to the app, but Sean was really good with answering questions and explaining things.”

Interested in what this smart controller can do for your lawn and landscaping? Learn more about the Hydrawise Wi-Fi Irrigation Control System and TriState Water Works’ ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler Management Program here. Or give us a call at (513) 813-5725.