It's Hot and Dry and Summer Sprinkler Check-Up TimeIt’s a typically hot and dry July this year. So far, we’ve had just 1.5 inches of rain this month. Unless your irrigation system is properly programmed and in operational order, you may be seeing dry grass, wilting gardens and the beginning of stress in trees.

We recommend scheduling a Summer Check-Up appointment for your irrigation system.

3 Reasons Your Sprinkler System Needs a Summer Check-Up

  1. Weather changes over the season, so the spring schedule may not be quite right for the summer (depending if the summer has been particularly hot and dry, or wet and cool).
  2. Also in the summer, we can uncover issues that weren’t visible in the spring. There might be dry spots in the lawn or plants that aren’t receiving enough water.
  3. Summer lawn sprinkler damage is also common from lawn mowers, landscaping projects, cable installation or just kids playing in the yard.

Having us check your irrigation system will make sure your system is running efficiently, not wasting water and getting water where it needs to go.  Cycle and inspect is less costly than a spring startup, as it takes less time. If any problems are found, we can then fix them.

Contact Us to schedule a Summer Check-Up for your lawn sprinklers today.