While there are dozens of sprinkler system controllers on the market, these three are the most popular. Sean explains what your lawn sprinkler controller does and shows what they look like. Check out your controller– it’s probably easier to manage than you expect!

Watch the video: 3 Most Popular Lawn Sprinkler Controllers 

Smart Controllers Save Time, Money and Water

Sprinkler Management ProgramWhile you likely have a Rainbird, Hunter or Toro sprinkler controller installed on your system already, installing a smart controller may be a great choice for your sprinkler system. Through our ‘No Worries’ Sprinkler Management Program, you’ll never need to access or manage your irrigation controller again.

  • Predictive weather monitoring automatically adjusts your sprinkler system for local weather conditions, saving up to 50% on your water usage and water bill.
  • Leaks and electrical malfunctions are automatically detected and alert our technicians.
  • Our technicians can remotely turn off your sprinkler system, if the need arises.

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