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Video Transcript

Hello! My name is Sean Mullarkey. I’m the owner of TriState Water Works, a lawn sprinkler service and repair company.

I started TriState Water Works in 2012. Previous to that, I’d been in the irrigation industry for over twenty-five years. I was working in wholesale distribution and discovered that most owners of irrigation systems weren’t happy with the service they were getting from their service company.

So I took about a year and interviewed a lot of owners of sprinkler systems and asked them what they were looking for in a lawn sprinkler service company. Here’s what they told me. It boiled down to three things:

First thing they were looking for was a company that appreciated and valued their time. They wanted somebody that would show up when they said they would and they also wanted somebody that could fix their problems the first time. That didn’t require second visits and third appointments.

The other thing were looking for was somebody that actually returned phone calls or answered the phone during the day. Our goal is to answer the phone whenever we can and to return missed phone calls within one to two hours.

And lastly, they wanted a company that would actually manage their lawn sprinkler system. Someone that would call them up and remind them when it was time to do their services and repairs on their system. So we call you, we send out emails, postcards. We remind you when it’s time to do the spring start-up and when it’s time to do winterization.

Our slogan is, “We fix it right. On time.” What I mean by that is we fix it right, the first time we are there. We do it correctly and neatly and we do it on time. Like our goal is leave your property in better shape than when we arrived.

So next time you need you lawn sprinklers service or repaired, please give me a call. My name is Sean Mullarkey and I’m the owner of TriState Water Works.