Smart Watering: 5 Reasons It's the Best Irrigation Option

Believe it or Not, You’ll Love Having a Smart Controller for Your Sprinkler System

A smart controller is a computerized controller that makes your sprinkler system actually smarter. Sometimes, technology that claims to be smart doesn’t really seem like it, but the convenience and benefits of smart watering are real.

We really like the Hydrawise smart irrigation controller from Hunter. It connects to an app you install on your smartphone or other device.

The Hydrawise controller reaches out to local weather stations to predict how much water your lawn and plants will need. This is a really cool feature that:

  • Saves water consumption, which reduces your water bill
  • Optimizes the health of your landscaping.

Not to sound cliché, but wait… there’s more! The smart irrigation controller:

  • Is easier to use than traditional controllers
  • Helps diagnose needed repairs
  • Makes scheduling appointments more convenient for you

Smart Watering: 5 Reasons It's the Best Irrigation Option

Smart Watering Benefit 1: Save On Water

Because the irrigation system only turns on when the weather is forecasted to be dry, you’ll definitely save on water usage with smart watering. Typically, from our customers, we see a water use savings of 20-30%. Hydrawise promotes up to 50% water savings. Less water usage means a smaller water bill, which is something we all can appreciate these days.

Smart Watering: 5 Reasons It's the Best Irrigation Option

Smart Watering Benefit 2: Healthier, More Beautiful Landscaping

Overwatering is just as problematic for your landscaping as under watering. The right amount of water at the right time keeps plants strong and healthy.

  • Too much water on your plants can cause roots to rot and weaken, and make foliage turn yellow
  • Too much water on your lawn can cause dead spots, along with promoting shallow root growth
  • Mowing over muddy spots can really damage your lawn and be challenging to fix

Smart Watering: 5 Reasons It's the Best Irrigation Option

Smart Watering Benefit 3: Easy-to-Use

The smart controller is much simpler to use and manage than the old-fashioned kind. Instead of heading out to your garage to access the controller, while trying to remember what all those settings mean, you have access to an intuitively-designed app. The app keeps an easy-to-access history of your watering schedule and weather. And you can turn the system on or off from anywhere (like if you have work scheduled to be done in your yard and need to make sure the system doesn’t suddenly turn on).

Smart Watering Benefit 4: Takes the Mystery Out of Repairs

Importantly, the smart controller offers diagnostic abilities. It monitors the valves in the system to pinpoint electrical issues, like a short or an open.

If it’s paired with a flow meter, you can also see if there are any broken pipes or leaks, and identify the zone where the problem lies. The system detects there is “flow” when the system should be off and sends an alert.

Catching and fixing an irrigation problem early prevents erosion to your landscaping and usually results in a less costly repair.

Smart Watering Benefit 5: Better Service from Your Irrigation Contractor

In many cases, you don’t have to be home for us to service your system. This makes scheduling appointments and speedy repairs more convenient for you. We control your system through our contractor-level app. In most cases, we won’t have to enter your home or garage to access the controller.

Interested in learning more about smart watering and getting a quote for your TriState property? Contact us.