HOA Management: Sprinkler Systems Benefit from Professional Attention

HOA Property Management Sometimes Puts Irrigation in Last Place, Wasting Water and Damaging Landscapes

We have several HOA clients, and we know that homeowner’s associations have particular needs that set them apart from residential or other commercial irrigation properties. Individual homeowners usually notice a sprinkler system leak or problem fairly quickly, because they spend time on their own property. With an HOA, broken pipes or sprinkler heads could go for months without anyone noticing there’s a problem. Sprinkler system leaks can waste an enormous amount of water, while damaging lawns and landscaping.

Choosing an irrigation specialist over a generalized HOA property management company will help your HOA’s lawn and garden areas thrive. Homeowner’s association management companies might not be experts in irrigation, and may not give much focus to optimizing your sprinkler system and ensuring it functions properly.

HOA Management: Sprinkler Systems Benefit from Professional Attention

What to Look for in a Sprinkler System Management Provider

We recommend an HOA sprinkler system be properly maintained by a company that will perform regular inspections and make sure that:

  • Sprinkler system stays in good condition
  • Lawns stay green
  • Plants are healthy

At TriState Water Works, we are irrigation experts who work full-time on sprinkler systems. Our remote monitoring system means we actively manage your HOA property. We detect leaks, damage or water waste and can fix the problem before it damages landscaping or results in an out-sized water bill.

Does your HOA’s sprinkler system need some attention? Contact us.