Cincinnati Gets More Green with Macy's Habitat RoofButterflies, birds, bees and even people have a new reason to love downtown Cincinnati. A recent green roof installation in the city has been designated a Monarch Waystation and Wildlife Habitat, along with being a great place for Macy’s employees to have lunch!

Green City Resources, led by Green Roof Specialist Rose Seeger, created the 16,000 square foot garden on the 8th floor patio of Macy’s Corporate Headquarters. As described on

“Included is a 1,000 sf employee ‘Go Green’ garden. Associates will plant vegetables and herbs which the chef will use in the cafeteria. Compost from the cafeteria will also be used in the garden. The three large bubble boulders provide a water source for the habitat, but are also being enjoyed by the employees who like to sit and listen to the water, providing a nice break from their work.”

TriState Water Works was proud to partner on this project. We designed the irrigation system with water conservation in mind. Rain sensors and a solar sync adjusts watering based on weather conditions.

Cincinnati Gets More Green with Macy's Habitat Roof

The Habitat Roof already seems to be a success. Wildlife sightings include Monarch butterflies, praying mantis, red admiral butterflies, bees and a Cooper’s Hawk. We appreciate Macy’s commitment to sustainability with this first-of-its-kind green roof in downtown Cincinnati.

Watch Macy’s Green Roof Video for a bird’s-eye view: