10 Earth Day Activities from Easy to Ambitious

Enjoy the Outdoors & Celebrate Our Beautiful Earth

Earth Day is a time to appreciate the planet we call home. As far as we know, it’s the only place in the universe where human, animal and plant life can thrive. That’s certainly worth a day of recognition! And we can help improve the earth for everyone.

Here are 10 Earth Day activities around and near your own home, with ideas for any level of effort and involvement:

  1. Plan and plant an Ohio native garden: If an entire garden bed is too ambitious this year, start small by choosing one new plant each year. In a few years, you’ll have a garden full of native, easy-to-care-for plants!
  2. Plant a tree. It doesn’t have to be Arbor Day to transform your landscaping with a wonderful new tree. We suggest these five small trees with a big impact. You can even hug your tree, if you want!
  3. Take a nature walk in your own yard. Recently, I sent my kids on a Nature Scavenger Hunt, and we all had fun finding bird feathers and acorns.
  4. Create an edible container garden. From herbs to strawberries to tomatoes, add some freshness to your diet! Drip irrigation makes watering no-worries.
  5. Walk your irrigation system to see if it’s wasting water. Leaks or mis-directed sprinkler heads can be fixed. Did you know that you’ll spend more on water bills than in installing and maintaining your sprinkler system? If your system is wasting water, it’s bad for the environment and your wallet. Here’s how to diagnose six common needed irrigation repairs.
  6. Soak in the sun. Hopefully, Earth Day is sunny! (You never know about April in Ohio). Prioritize 10 minutes of your day to sun yourself and benefit from Vitamin D.
  7. Start composting. The world of composting ranges from building your own compost bin out of used pallets to enclosed countertop bins. Learn more about the kinds of composers.
  8. Pick up neighborhood litter. Walk your local area and clean up any trash or litter. Maybe your neighbors will be inspired to join you!
  9. Start feeding the birds. Install a bird feeder where you can see it from your window. Here’s a great resource: Attracting Birds in Ohio.
  10. Stargaze. When the sun sets on Earth Day, take a seat in a lounge chair and turn your eyes to the sky. Be thankful for our atmosphere that both allows us to live and enjoy the wonders of the universe.

Happy Earth Day from TriState Water Works! We hope these Earth Day activities inspire you and your family to enjoy more time in your outdoor environment. It doesn’t take a lot of effort or expense to enjoy the nature all around us.