5 Best Shrubs and Bushes for Cincinnati

Plus, Irrigation Tips for Shrubs and Bushes

Shrubs and bushes are a great way to add volume and height to your landscaping. From beautiful, blooming deciduous shrubs to evergreen shrubs that stay green year-round, here are our suggestions for the Cincinnati area.

  1. Adams Elderberry
  2. Blue Princess Meserve Holly
  3. Dwarf Korean Lilac
  4. Grey Owl Juniper
  5. Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Plus, as a bonus, all of these recommendations are native to the area, which means they are low-maintenance, conserve water and help wildlife thrive. Thanks to Native Roots and Natorp’s as sources in our research. Let’s see the bushes!

Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Adams Elderberry

Best Shrubs and Bushes:Adams Elderberry

Photo by Scott Beuerlein

How about a shrub that is also edible? The Adams Elderberry produces edible berries late summer or early fall. These dark purple berries are delicious! And a quite popular medicinal plant. You’ll also get white flowers in the summer. As a deciduous shrub, elderberry loses its leaves over the winter.

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Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Blue Prince and Princess Combo Holly

Best Shrubs and Bushes: Blue Princess Meserve Holly

Holly is a beautiful evergreen, with glossy green leaves and seasonal red berries. This particular variety grows from four feet to eight feet high and wide. It enjoys full sun to part sun environments.

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Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Dwarf Korean Lilac

Best Shrubs and Bushes: Dwarf Korean Lilac

Lilac is one of the most fragrant scents in the shrub and bush world. Around May, this shrub produces light pink-purple flowers that will transport you with their scent. Hummingbirds and pollinators are also quite drawn to lilac. This dwarf variety grows slowly and reaches up to five feet in height and seven feet in width.

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Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Grey Owl Juniper

Best Shrubs and Bushes: Grey Owl Juniper

Here’s an evergreen shrub that tends to grow wide rather than tall, reaching up to four feet in height but six feet in width. It thrives in full sun environments and doesn’t mind dry soils. It boasts a silvery-grey foliage.

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Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Best Shrubs and Bushes:
Ruby Slippers Hydrangea

Ruby Slippers Oakleaf Hydrangea is a show-stopping and unique shrub! If you tire of pink and blue hydrangeas, this one is for you. It’s a shady grower, so keep out of the sun. While a deciduous shrub, it has four-season interest. The leaves change color in fall, and the revealed bark has interesting texture.

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4 Irrigation Tips for Healthy Shrubs and Bushes

Choosing and planting new shrubs are just the beginning! Here are TriState Water Works’ irrigation tips for helping your landscape investment thrive:

  1. Shrub areas and turf areas should be separated into different zones, so each gets the optimum amount of water
  2. Because these shrubs are native to the Cincinnati area, they grow deeper roots than grass and are able to store more water in their woody stems. This fact means shrubs and bushes benefit from less-regular, deep watering– and will need less water overall than turf
  3. However! When a shrub has been newly planted, watering it daily for its first season will help it get established and thrive for years to come
  4. To reduce evaporation and weed growth, mulch around your shrubs and bushes. Don’t mulch right up to the stem of the bush, as this can cause root rot. Refresh your mulch annually

If you’ve updated your landscaping to include new shrubs, bushes or trees, contact us. We’ll see if your sprinkler system needs any updates to provide your new plants the right amount of water. And check out our Lawn and Garden Resources for more great suggestions for your landscaping.