How Long Will My Sprinkler System Last?There’s a lot of variation in the life expectancy of a sprinkler system, depending on the quality of the sprinkler products used and the skill of the installer. A high-quality system that has been installed properly and receives regular maintenance in the spring and fall should last 20 years before needing any costly repairs.

Various components of the sprinkler system should last:

  • 40 years: Underground irrigation pipe system
  • 10-15 years:  High-quality sprinkler heads
  • A few years: Wiring. It’s very common to find improperly installed wiring that has become corroded due to water exposure. We often find repairs necessary with this sprinkler system element.

Scheduling spring start-up and winterization appointments will prolong the life of your sprinkler system and allow us to fix small issues before they become expensive problems.