Control your sprinkler system from anywhere, save money with predictive watering and enjoy a beautiful lawn and garden without hassle.

How a Smart Sprinkler Controller Makes Your Life Easier1. Keep Your Lawn Green All Summer with Smart Weather Monitoring

With its predictive watering technology, the Hydrawise Smart Controller keeps track of local weather and adjusts your irrigation program automatically.

Will there be rain all next week? Or, will there be a record heat wave? You don’t have to worry about your lawn and garden, because the smart controller is on top of it.

How a Smart Sprinkler Controller Makes Your Life Easier2. Control Your Sprinkler System with Ease

The Hydrawise Smart Phone App is easier to use than the traditional controller. Instead of going to your garage to turn dials and scroll through menus, you can push a few buttons on your phone while sitting on your couch.

Plus, with predictive watering, you may never need to make adjustments to your system again.

How a Smart Sprinkler Controller Makes Your Life Easier3. Turn Off Your Sprinklers from Anywhere

With the Hydrawise Smart Phone App, you can turn your sprinklers on and off from anywhere in the world. This comes in handy if you are out of town (or even just across town).

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See What Customers Are Saying about the Hydrawise Smart Controller

“The Hydrawise Smart Controller is just wonderful. You can pull the app up on your iPad when you want to adjust anything—but you really don’t need to make adjustments. It keeps track of the weather and sprinkler system all by itself. The controller knows how much rain is in the area and adjusts the watering schedule. And it reports on how efficient the sprinkler system is being. TriState Water Works installed the Hydrawise, and it was a smooth process. I planted some pines last fall, and I look forward to the sprinkler system helping me protect my landscape.”

– Greg Luncan