backflow-preventer-sprinkler-system-maintenanceAn important part of your home irrigation system’s spring maintenance is to perform a backflow test and repair. TriState Water Works is certified in the State of Ohio to test and repair lawn sprinkler backflow devices. Here are the benefits:

Benefits of Certified Backflow Testing

  • Ensures your house drinking water remains safe, protecting you and your loved ones health
  • No need to have a separate contractor test your back flow, you can have TriState Water Works service your irrigation equipment and test and repair your sprinkler backflow device
  • Can be combined with other sprinkler service work to save you money and time by only needing to schedule one appointment

Our Sprinkler System Spring Start-Up Packages start at just $75, and include backflow device testing and repair, along with service and repair to your overall sprinkler system. Call us today at (513) 964-1250 to schedule an appointment.