HOA Management Companies Often Forget Irrigation

Sprinkler Systems Keep Common Areas Healthy & Beautiful

HOA management companies usually provide comprehensive landscape services, which is convenient in bidding and selection of a provider. However, irrigation is a specialized practice, and the common areas your homeowners association is responsible for can suffer if the sprinkler system isn’t well-maintained.

HOA Management Companies Have Many Responsibilities

What does an HOA management company do? Lots of things. HOA Management (.com) describes:

“These companies oversee the operations of an HOA and supervise the maintenance of amenities and common areas. Basically, a homeowners association management company exists to make the lives of HOA board members easier by helping fulfill their duties and responsibilities.”

Duties include:

  • Create agendas and send meeting notices
  • Run board meetings, take minutes and give advice to board members
  • Handle maintenance requests and inspect the community
  • Collect landscaping bids
  • Manage insurance and payables
  • Prepare financial statements

Since HOA management companies are responsible for all aspects of the homeowners association, sometimes irrigation maintenance and service can be forgotten and fall through the cracks.

HOA Management Companies Often Forget Irrigation

What HOA Management Companies Need to Know About Irrigation

A commercial irrigation system needs particular attention, including those spaces an HOA management company are responsible for. Here’s why:

  • Unlike a homeowner’s own property, no one feels “responsible” for common spaces. Leaks, damage or dry spots might go unnoticed for months, affecting the health of turf and landscaping
  • Common spaces may get a fair amount of foot traffic, which increases the chance the irrigation system could become damaged (i.e., kids running and playing can break sprinkler heads)
  • Commercial mowers can damage sprinkler heads
  • Landscapers digging in garden beds can cut electrical lines or break pipes

If a broken pipe or sprinkler head isn’t fixed quickly, the constant leak can waste a lot of water. The extra water in the ground can damage or kill turf and plants. And if a sprinkler system isn’t running when it’s supposed to, a couple weeks of hot, dry weather can also damage your landscaping.

Along with repairs, regular maintenance should also be performed by professionals. Proper winterization prolongs the life of the irrigation system. A Spring Start-Up inspection reveals any issues before they become true problems.

TriState Water Works Understands Commercial Irrigation

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Looking to improve the health and beauty of your HOA common spaces? Check out our Commercial Irrigation Resources or contact us for a quote.