How Long Will My Sprinkler Winterization Appointment Take?Winterizing your irrigation system is an important fall maintenance item. Without winterization, you’ll experience broken pipes, leaks and a damaged backflow device. Making these repairs is costly and time-consuming, especially compared to a sprinkler winterization.

It takes about five minutes to winterize each zone, so the length of your winterization appointment depends on how large your sprinkler system is. If you have eight zones, your lawn sprinkler winterization appointment will take about 40 minutes. Any shorter, and there wouldn’t be sufficient time to eliminate water from each zone.

Here are the steps that an irrigation contractor follows during a winterization appointment.

How Long Will My Sprinkler Winterization Appointment Take?Steps to Sprinkler Winterization

  1. At the main shut-off valve, turn off water to the sprinklers
  2. Hook a low-pressure air compressor up to the sprinkler system
  3. Protect the backflow device from air pressure. This device is only meant for water, not air
  4. Blowout each zone for two minutes to remove most water in the pipes
  5. Blowout each zone for an additional minute to remove any remaining water droplets

When to Winterize Irrigation Systems

It’s important to winterize sprinkler systems before the freeze sets in, especially if you have a backflow device that is outdoors. In the greater Cincinnati area, it’s best to make your appointment for October or November.

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