Don’t Let Leaky Sprinklers Ruin Your Landscape and Waste Your Money

When we’re looking at a sprinkler system repair, there are two main categories of irrigation leaks:

  1. Continuous Leak
  2. Intermittent Leak

Over time, either kind of leak will waste water and cause erosion damage to your lawn and landscape. Also, muddy patches that don’t dry up can kill grass and plants, along with making lawn mowing a messy endeavor. It’s very important to identify leaks and contact your provider for a sprinkler system repair.

1. Continuous Irrigation Leak: Sprinkler System Repair Required Right Away

Sprinkler System Repair: 2 Kinds of Irrigation Leaks

This leak is on the mainline, and leaks 24/7, whether your system is running or not. It wastes significant water, and you’ll probably see your water bill go up. Also, as it creates swampy conditions, you’ll be able to notice it fairly quickly, if you walk around your lawn regularly.

2. Intermittent Irrigation Leak: Harder to Find, But Less Damaging

Sprinkler System Repair: 2 Kinds of Irrigation Leaks

This leak is based in a particular zone, when the zone is running. Since it doesn’t leak all the time, it’s less severe, but will still waste water and cause damage over time. Also, they are hard to identify. Sprinkler systems usually run when no one is around to witness the leak, so it may take a long time to detect.

Uncovering intermittent leaks is one reason we recommend a Summer Check-Up. During the inspection, we can identify any problems to the sprinkler system and repair them.

What Causes an Irrigation Leak?

There could be many root causes for a leak that requires sprinkler system repair. Here are some parts of the system that could fail:

  • Loose fitting
  • Glue joint failure
  • Broken pipe
  • Malfunctioning valve

Another question we get is, “How did this happen?” If the system worked fine last year, what might have caused a leak?

  • Heavy equipment in the yard, driving over the underground system
  • Contractors and installers working in the yard, i.e., cable installation, tree work
  • Digging or edging in the garden
  • Lawn mowers damaging above-ground parts
  • Kids playing in the yard (we love them, but they can be rough on things!)
  • Manufacturing error that takes time to become evident

How to Spot a Leak, So You Can Get Your Sprinkler System Repaired

Sprinkler System Repair: 2 Kinds of Irrigation Leaks

The first step to sprinkler system repair is knowing there is a problem in the first place. Here are tips for spotting a leak:

  • Most obviously, if you see a geyser of water, there’s a leak (likely a broken sprinkler head). Turn off the water supply to your sprinkler system and give us a call.
  • Check your property for standing water, muddy spots or over-watered plants. These can be symptoms of a sprinkler leak.
  • Every couple weeks, walk around your property while the sprinkler system is running. If you notice pooling water, water running down the driveway or water collecting around sprinkler heads, then there’s likely a leak.
  • If your water bill is higher than you expect, you might have a leak (either with your sprinkler system or plumbing).

If you’re concerned your sprinkler system may have sprung a leak, contact us. Let’s fix this problem before it damages your property and wastes your money!