It's Easy to Harvest Rainwater for Your Landscape IrrigationRainwater harvesting is a popular way to reduce the use of drinking water for landscape irrigation and to reduce runoff into storm sewers. There are two main benefits to harvesting rainwater:

  1. Water conservation – Collecting and re-using rainwater reduces the volume of water processed through sewage treatment
  2. Cost savings – Rainwater is free and using it reduces your water bill

Ancient Egyptians were utilizing rainwater harvesting over three thousand years ago, and it’s easy to see why. Rain that would usually land on the roof, collect in gutters and flow into storm sewers can instead be put to work for you.

How Does Rainwater Harvesting Work?

It’s a simple concept.

  1. Collect the rainwater that falls on your roof
  2. Store it in a suitable container that is connected to your irrigation system
  3. Use it to water your lawn and garden

To find out more about rainwater harvesting, visit ARCSA’s website. For consultation, design and installation here in the tristate, we recommend Green City Resources.