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Video Transcript

Hi! I’m Sean Mullarkey with TriState Water Works: your prompt, professional lawn service company.

Do you have a smart phone? How about a smart thermostat for your furnace or your air conditioner? How about a smart controller for your lawn sprinkler system? Yes, you heard me right. Now they have smart controllers for your lawn sprinklers.

The benefit of a sprinkler smart controller is it waters your lawns based on what the temperature is and what the rainfall is. So you don’t have to go out and program how long you want it to run. You just put in different information like what type of plants you’re watering, how much sun they’re exposed to, what type of soil conditions you have; and the controller will automatically make adjustments based on the data you put into it.

One of the key components of a smart controller is the weather sensor. The weather sensor captures how much rainfall we’re having, what the temperatures are, sometimes wind or humidity. It takes that information and calculates how much water your plants need. So it’s very crucial to have this mounted somewhere where the weather is… where it’s exposed to the weather. Where when it rains, it captures the rain and also you want don’t to put it someplace where it’s not going to get too hot like up on top of a rooftop or next to blacktop.

The internet-type controllers can run anywhere from nine hundred to twelve hundred dollars. The benefit of having one of the smart controllers that you can control anywhere in the world from the internet is that if you’re out of town and you need to shut the controller of or you want to look at and see if it’s been watering properly, you can access it from your telephone or from a smart pad or from a laptop anywhere in the world.

So you might ask, “Why would I buy a smart controller”? Well, I think there’s a couple reasons. The biggest reason is a savings in water. Over time, the smart controller will pay for itself in savings of water. Another thing is, typically it tends to make your plants more healthy because you’re getting the exact amount of water that your plants need. You’re not over watering them because you’ve got the program set for too long of time or you’re not under watering them, uh, because you forgot to turn the controller back on. This controller makes its adjustments everyday based on the weather and what your plants water requirements are.

So if you’d like a smart controller, please give us a call. TriState Water Works: your prompt, professional lawn sprinkler service and repair company.