How to Conserve Water: 5 Tips

As We Look Toward July, We’ve Already Experienced Hot, Dry Weather

Tips for how to conserve water become especially important in summer. With the prolonged dry spell we’ve seen at the end of May and into June, you may be asking: Is Cincinnati in a drought? The answer is yes, but mildly. The U.S. Drought Monitor measures that most of Ohio is at “D0 Abnormally Dry.”

However, we’re heading towards July, historically the hottest month of the year in Cincinnati, with an average high of 87 degrees F and 3.86 inches of rain. Here’s the graph from U.S. Climate Data.

How to Conserve Water: 5 Tips

Last year, we shared “Saving Water and Saving Money: Tips that Won’t Cost More.” This summer, we have five more tips for conserving water– and helping reduce your water bill.

How to Conserve Water Tip 1:
Use Your Dishwasher!

Check out this good news. If you’re running full dishwasher loads, you’re conserving more water than by hand-washing. Here are the details on dishwasher water use:

“In the U.S., if your dishwasher was manufactured after May 30, 2013, it has to meet federal limits that mandate no more than 5 gallons of water used per cycle for a standard-sized appliance. Compact dishwashers made in the same timeframe can use no more than 3.5 gallons. If you choose an Energy Star-rated dishwasher, it can only use a maximum of 3.5 gallons per cycle for a standard-size model…”

Comparatively, washing by hand uses from nine to 27 gallons of water. So, when you load up your modern dishwasher to its fullest, you’re saving from 5.5 to 23.5 gallons of water each load.

How to Conserve Water Tip 2:
Go to the Car Wash

Here’s another labor-saving move that also conserves water. When your car is grimy, visit the car wash instead of washing it in your driveway. A professional car wash uses less water than your hose, and that water doesn’t get sent down the storm drain. Many car washes even reclaim water and re-use it. You may save up to 100 gallons.

How to Conserve Water Tip 3:
Let’s Talk Toilets

When seeking how to conserve water, toilets need special attention. Even in modern toilets, up to 1.6 gallons of water go down the drain every time it is flushed.

  • Don’t use the toilet as a trash can. We’ve all flushed bugs, dead fish… or other unusual things… down the toilet.
  • Teach small children to flush just once.
  • Look into converting your toilet to low flow.
  • Check your toilet for leaks. Here’s how.

How to Conserve Water Tip 4:
Cover Your Pool

On a hot sunny day, significant water is going to evaporate from your swimming pool. After your pool loses an inch or two, you’ll probably want to fill it back up. In fact, this loss happens faster than you might think:

“On average, swimming pools lose about a quarter of an inch of water each day, yet variations in wind intensity, humidity and sunlight can drastically change water loss rates.”

Covering your pool when you’re not using it prevents much of this evaporation. Plus, a solar cover will help keep the temperature warm!

How to Conserve Water Tip 5:
Smart Watering for Your Sprinkler System

One spring, we highlighted “Earth Day Facts: How Irrigation Can Improve Water Conservation.” Included was the importance of scheduling, rain sensors and rainwater harvesting. But if you’re looking for how to conserve water most effectively, smart watering is, well, the smartest choice. Your lawn and landscaping will receive the right amount of water to thrive, and your water use will be optimized.

Check out these three real-world reports from TriState Water Works’ customers showing actual water savings. On some days, the system saves up to 100% by not running unnecessarily. On other days, the system needs to water more than the scheduled program (such as in times of drought). For these three-month summer reports, average savings were:

  • Customer 1: 29.6% average savings
  • Customer 2: 26.8% average savings
  • Customer 3: 50.8% average savings

Cincinnati Customer 1 Water Savings

How to Conserve Water Tip 5: Smart Watering for Your Sprinkler System

Cincinnati Customer 2 Water Savings

How to Conserve Water Tip 5: Smart Watering for Your Sprinkler System

Cincinnati Customer 3 Water Savings

How to Conserve Water Tip 5: Smart Watering for Your Sprinkler System

TriState Water Works helps many clients with this popular sprinkler system upgrade. Our preferred product is the Hydrawise Smart Controller. To learn more and see if this irrigation is right for your sprinkler system, contact us.