Popular Sprinkler System Upgrade: MP Rotator Nozzle

30% Water Savings & Better Watering Results

The Standard MP Rotator Nozzle from Hunter is an exciting sprinkler system upgrade (exciting to the TriState Water Works’ experts, anyway!). They replace traditional spray nozzles for landscape plantings and turf. Here are the main benefits:

  1. MP Rotator Nozzles spray a uniform amount of water over a range of eight to 35 feet
  2. They conserve water by not wasting it
  3. They are gentle with water distribution, so they don’t damage plants
  4. They are good for zones that suffer from low pressure

Popular Sprinkler System Upgrade: MP Rotator Nozzle

#1 Reason for a Sprinkler System Upgrade to MP Rotator Nozzles: Great Performance

With MP Rotator Nozzles, you’ll get uniform irrigation coverage. Different models spray in various radii of eight to 35 feet. Instead of a mist, these nozzles put out multiple directed streams of water as they rotate. Along with delivering a predictable amount of water to the coverage area, they are very attractive in their operation. Check out our video “Sprinkler System Upgrades: Nozzle Options” for a side-by-side comparison with spray nozzles.

#2 Reason for a Sprinkler System Upgrade to MP Rotator Nozzles: Water Conservation

These nozzles use about one-third the water of spray nozzles, without sacrificing performance. Spray nozzles waste water through wind loss and runoff. Your plants don’t benefit from this wasted water, and you still have to pay for it on your water bill.

If you pair this sprinkler system upgrade with a smart watering system, your water use will decrease significantly, and the health of your turf and landscaping will be better than ever before.

#3 Reason for a Sprinkler System Upgrade to MP Rotator Nozzles: Doesn’t Damage Plants

The water streams sent out by an MP Rotator Nozzle are gentle, not at all like standard rotor heads. You won’t be hearing that classic irrigation ticking sound from a rotator nozzle. People often use sprays because of their gentle mist action, but that creates a lot of wasted water. Newer MP Rotator Nozzles are the best of both worlds, in this scenario.  See a video of this sprinkler system upgrade in action.

#4 Reason for a Sprinkler System Upgrade to MP Rotator Nozzles: Good for Low Pressure Zones

Since they use less water to reach far distances, the pressure is naturally higher in MP Rotator Nozzles. Improving water pressure to reach all of your plants may be as simple a sprinkler system upgrade as replacing all spray nozzles in the zone. That’s certainly more cost-effective than increasing overall water pressure.

#5 Reason for a Sprinkler System Upgrade to MP Rotator Nozzles: Better than Spray Nozzle Alternatives

The alternative to MP Rotator Nozzles are usually spray nozzles. Along with using more water, there are two important drawbacks of spray nozzles:

  1. Spray nozzles are susceptible to wind, and water is often misdirected away from plants.
  2. They spray at a high rate, so they are prone to run-off, especially on hills and around pavement.

Are you ready to learn more about sprinkler system upgrades that can improve irrigation performance and save on your water bill? Contact us to learn more.