HOA Management: Irrigation by Experts

Sprinkler System Maintenance is Both Critical & Tricky

HOA management companies are concerned with many different aspects of your homeowners association. They handle accounting, collections, legal assistance, board management, violations and maintenance. That is a broad range of specialties, so they can’t be faulted for not having irrigation expertise. Because sprinkler systems are both critical and tricky, your HOA would benefit from partnering with a prompt and proven expert in the field.

HOA Management of Irrigation:
Why Sprinklers are Critical

HOAs invest heavily in the landscaping of common areas, entrances, club houses and more. And no one is around to water these plants by hand. A well-managed irrigation system keeps to a schedule and protects the beauty and functionality of your green spaces. This is especially true if your HOA has upgraded to smart watering.

Here’s why sprinklers are critical for your HOA:

  • Even during hot, dry summers, HOA lawn areas need to stay green with adequate water.
  • Trees, shrubs and perennials are intended to beautify your green spaces for years, so they need the proper amount of water.
  • Annual plantings bring a beautiful pop of color– as long as they don’t succumb to parched conditions.
  • According to HOA Management, a community can expect to spend between $45,000 to $60,000 per year in landscaping maintenance. All the mowing, trimming and weeding in the world won’t help plants that are thirsty (or over-watered, if the sprinkler system is configured improperly).

HOA Management: Irrigation by Experts

HOA Management of Irrigation:
Why Sprinklers are Tricky

Irrigation HOA management is very important, and it’s also fairly difficult to do correctly. At TriState Water Works, we’re constantly educating our irrigation technicians to improve their knowledge and skills. The maintenance of an irrigation system shouldn’t be an afterthought or performed by someone with little experience.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Optimizing water use is important. An HOA needs to balance water conservation with maintaining healthy turf and landscaping.
  • Different planting areas have different needs. For instance, as trees grow and mature, they require more water to thrive. Your sprinkler system installation needs to adapt as your landscaping areas change.
  • Unless a technician has had a lot of experience, an irrigation leak can be tricky to identify. Over time, leaks waste water, damage turf and cause erosion.
  • A sprinkler system needs to be winterized in the fall. This is a specialized process that removes water from the system. If it’s done incorrectly, an HOA could be looking at costly repairs in the spring.
  • In the spring, the irrigation system needs to be re-started and inspected for damage incurred over the winter.
  • During the season, a cycle inspection catches any problems with the system or changes that need to be made for the health of plants and turf.
  • Irrigation systems also require a backflow preventer device, which keeps drinking water safe. It must be tested and inspected by a state-certified provider.

Would your HOA management be improved by irrigation experts? Our experience says it would. Professional sprinkler system management will improve the appearance of your green spaces, protect your landscaping and save water. Ultimately, this will help your annual budget.

Contact us to start a conversation. And check out our Commercial Irrigation Resources for more tips for your HOA’s landscaping.