TriState Water Works 5 Core Values

Rebecca, Nick, Tim, Alek and Sean
on Our 5 Core Values

Our 5 Core Values are the foundation of the TriState Water Works’ company culture. They inform everything we do, from interacting with customers and working on irrigation systems to hiring and promotions. Here are five of our team members describing our Core Values in their own words:

  1. Customer-Centric
  2. Professional
  3. Integrity
  4. Teamwork
  5. Unceasing Improvement

Meet the Team at TriState Water Works

Everything Revolves around the Customer

Rebecca points out that TriState Water Works prioritizes our customer experience:

“Customer-Centric means the customer is the focus of everything we do, from making sure scheduling is easy and convenient to providing high-quality service. We show up on time and respect your property. Correct and timely billing, along with an easy-to-use payment system is also important. We make sure every interaction you have with us is easy and enjoyable. We don’t want any experience with us to be a struggle. And we are willing to improve! Please reach out to us if there’s something you think we can do better.”

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Meet the Team at TriState Water Works

Knowledge and Attitude

Nick explains how we at TriState Water Works approach being professional:

“You have to be a professional to work in this area. Irrigation systems are very complex, and a lot of things can happen. If you’re not properly trained, you won’t be able to diagnose problems and make repairs. Our company is very much into training employees, so we are ready for a variety of situations. Part of being professional is making sure customers are well-informed on the state of their systems. It’s also showing up on time and in a clean manner. Approach the work with enthusiasm.”

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Meet the Team at TriState Water Works

Respect Everyone

Tim goes into how we show respect for our customers and team members with clear communication, up-front pricing and work ethic:

“Here at TriState Water Works, we’re proud of having integrity. We treat our customers like family. We build our relationships each and every time we visit a customer’s house. We walk the property with you and give our honest opinion about the work that needs done. Before, during and after the job we tell customers what needs to be done and how much it will cost, and we try to show customers what needs to be fixed. Rebecca does our invoicing, and our pricing is fair and straightforward. We also treat each other with respect and integrity. If one of us gets done with a job early, we’ll go help each other out at their jobsite.” 

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Help Everyone

Alek explains how teamwork helps us get our jobs done better and faster:

“We pride ourselves on all our core values, including teamwork. Sometimes, we have pretty big jobs and need to rely on our teammates to get things done. When you have a symbiotic relationship with your team, the work seems more manageable because you can chop everything up into smaller tasks. Knowing I’m working with people who have my back keeps me from getting overwhelmed. The work is higher-quality because we have the expertise of more than one person. If one of us can’t figure it out, there’s no worry. We’ve got five other heads working on the problem, so there’s going to be a solution in there.”

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Meet the Team at TriState Water Works

Unceasing Improvement:
Look for a Better Way

Owner Sean Mullarkey weighs in on our innovation mindset:

“What that means for us that we’re always looking for better ways to serve our customers and improve our culture for our team. We’re always looking at irrigation and lighting technologies to find better ways of doing things and higher-quality products. For our customer experience, we optimize scheduling and ways we communicate. For example, we researched smart controllers until we found the the best product for usability, efficiency and water use. Turns out, it wasn’t a brand we had worked with before, but we developed a relationship with that manufacturer. And our customers are very happy with how this smart controller works with their irrigation system.”

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For more about TriState Water Works, see our Core Values videos and posts. Looking to join our team? Check out our Careers Portal or Contact Us.