New Local Community Promotes Outdoor Trades

Queen City Outdoor Trades is the Gathering Place for Working in the Great Outdoors

Working Outdoors & Loving It is the slogan for the new group Queen City Outdoor Trades, which brings together people who love working outdoors in the Ohio/Kentucky/Indiana Tri-State area. From entertainment to the serious business of finding a great trade job, it’s a fun community.

Only someone who has made a living working outside understands the freedom, joy and (sometimes) privation that goes along with the job. Do you remember the first time you had to work in a snowstorm? Or the first time you saw a bald eagle? What about the last perfectly beautiful day? Or the satisfaction that you’re exhausted from doing a solid day’s work?

From the mud and rain to the heat and sunscreen, we’re proud of working outdoors! (It sure beats working in a giant warehouse or being stuck behind a desk).

New Local Community Promotes Outdoor Trades

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