Starting Up a Sprinkler System with the TriState Water Works Plus Program

Irrigation Spring Start-Up Has Never Been Easier

Starting up a sprinkler system is best done by an irrigation professional. Before turning on the water supply, the irrigation system should be inspected for:

  • Broken or damaged sprinkler heads
  • Sprinkler heads that need adjustment
  • Suspected leaks with the pipes or valves
  • Electrical system breaks or faulty wiring
  • Backflow device inspection and re-installation

Any needed repairs can usually be addressed during this one appointment for starting up a sprinkler system in the spring. Along with making repairs that may be necessary after the winter, spring is the best time to make adjustments to the system.

Optimize Your Irrigation when Starting Up a Sprinkler System

An irrigation professional should check for opportunities to improve your sprinkler system, to help your lawn be lush and gardens be healthy. Here’s a checklist for irrigation optimizations:

  1. Adjust sprinkler heads that may have gotten off-kilter since last year.
  2. Upgrade the sprinkler system with new technology, like MP rotator nozzles that deliver more uniform water sprays than traditional sprays.
  3. Assess if mature trees are getting enough water and install extra sprinkler heads, if needed. Some irrigation systems were installed many years ago, before landscapes were mature.
  4. Assess if mature shrubs are blocking any water sprays, and elevate those sprinkler heads on copper risers.
  5. Determine if there are any sprinkler heads that are no longer needed, i.e., a former flower bed that has since been covered with sod. Remove those sprinkler heads.
  6. Program the watering schedule in the irrigation controller, based on our Cincinnati-area climate and your specific plants’ needs. (Or, even better, install a smart watering system with weather-predictive watering!)

After spring-start up, your irrigation system is ready to perform! You can be excited for summer, without worrying if your lawn or landscaping will suffer in the hot, dry weather.

TriState Water Works Plus Program

TriState Water Works Plus Program:
Simplify Starting Up a Sprinkler System

Customers who sign up for our Plus Program receive our top-notch service and preferred pricing. Plus, with automatic scheduling, you don’t even have to plan for making the appointment. Here’s how it works:

  1. You sign up for the year, and we manage your sprinkler system

That’s it! There’s one step. Well, we suppose it would also be best if you paid the bill we send after completing each service. Speaking of invoices, Plus Program members get our absolute best pricing. Here’s what’s included:

  1. Spring Start-Up: Just as outlined above!
  2. Cycle & Inspection: In July or August, we check system performance and the health of your landscaping
  3. Winterization: We shut down the irrigation system before freezing weather takes hold
  4. Preferred appointment times for any incidental service calls: Let’s say some construction in your backyard broke your irrigation pipes. We’ll get out there ASAP.

Now is the perfect time to sign up for the Plus Program. We will begin starting up sprinkler systems in April, and our Plus Program roster is nearly full. Learn more and contact us for a quote today!