[VIDEO] How Long Will My Irrigation Spring Start-Up Take?

Spring start-up appointments for your sprinkler system can last 45-60 minutes, depending on how many zones in your irrigation system. TriState Water Works takes the time needed to safely turn on the system and check it for issues that developed over the winter.

Watch the video: How Long Will My Irrigation

[VIDEO] What to Do When You Get Your Backflow Letter

An important part of lawn sprinkler systems is the backflow device, which prevents pollutants from entering our drinking water. Homeowners are responsible for getting their backflow device tested and certified each year.

Ohio counties are taking backflow testing more seriously these days, even going so far as to shut off a homeowner’s water if the certification

[VIDEO] How to Repair a Broken Irrigation Pipe

Repairing a broken pipe in a sprinkler system takes expertise, hard work and attention to detail. Sean Mullarkey uncovers a leak in a commercial irrigation system and shows you how to fix it without leaving a trace in the lawn. See what tools and products he recommends to make the sprinkler repair last.