Backflow Preventer – Sprinkler System Maintenance

backflow-preventer-sprinkler-system-maintenanceAn important part of your home irrigation system’s spring maintenance is to perform a backflow test and repair. TriState Water Works is certified in the State of Ohio to test and repair lawn sprinkler backflow devices. Here are the benefits:

Benefits of Certified Backflow Testing

  • Ensures your house drinking water remains safe, protecting you and your loved ones health
  • No need to have a separate contractor test your back flow, you can have TriState Water Works service your irrigation equipment and test and repair your sprinkler backflow device
  • Can be combined with other sprinkler service work to save you money and time by only needing to schedule one appointment

Our Sprinkler System Spring Start-Up Packages start at just $75, and include backflow device testing and repair, along with service and repair to your overall sprinkler system. Call us today at 513-379-5780 to schedule an appointment.

About the Author:

Graduating from the Ohio state University in 1981 with a degree in Landscape Design and Construction Sean has worked in the green industry his entire adult life. Sean has been designing and installing efficient irrigation systems since the late 1980’s. Sean is certified with the Irrigation Association in the following areas: • Certified Irrigation Designer • Certified Irrigation Contractor • Certified Landscape Irrigation Auditor • Certified Golf Irrigation Auditor • Certified RainXchange professional Sean is also registered with the EPA as a “Water Sense Partner” having demonstrated the ability to conserve water through proper design and management of irrigation systems. Sean is the owner of Applied Water Technologies an irrigation design and consulting firm and the operator of TriState Water Works the hassle free irrigation service provider Sean is also an Adjunct teacher at Cincinnati State Community College teaching the various irrigation classes and sustainable energy use in the landscape. Sean’s irrigation design work has encompassed Golf Course Irr., Sports Turf Irr. As in Baseball, Soccer, Football, Residential Irrigation., Light Commercial Irr., Large multi-family developments as in condominium complexes, apartment complexes, housing developments, agricultural irrigation as in field crops, pasture, vegetable farming, livestock operations, Irrigation for LID projects as in green roofs, bio-retention, natural area remediation, Industrial irrigation for temperature control, material cooling, and dust control, Nursery irrigation for both greenhouse crops, field crops and pot in pot operations, Waste water treatment for effluent dispersion, and odor control.

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